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Structural Engineering Design and Inspections in Northern New Jersey

American Structural Engineering Associates provides the necessary blueprints, design reviews and inspections for construction projects in Northern New Jersey. We have extensive experience, working with contractors and realtors for over 30 years for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Under the leadership of Mr. David J. Shih, P.E., his company is licensed to professionally manage, review and inspect projects in 26 states.

We specialize in the following areas:
Architectural Blue Prints Rolled — Engineering in Fairfield, NJ

Design Review

After your design is completed, you will submit it to us and we will begin the design review process where we will take apart the design and analyze all the components from beginning to end. We will thoroughly review the design ensuring it will meet all the safety, strength, and structure requirements.

It is important to choose a company who does tedious and thorough design reviews because if it is approved without proper attention, your structure could have major issues down the line.


ASE Associates has years of experience performing structural inspections for homes and construction projects. We search for problems such as cracks in the walls, a sagging roof, and settlement in the floor. We seek to ensure the safety of our clients and find solutions for your problems.


We perform design review and blueprint layout for industrial projects and contractors. We are the one to call for material handling for facilities such as power plants, waste centers, and steel centers.

Residential/ Commercial

We provide experienced design review and structural design for residential properties throughout Northern New Jersey. We have worked with architects, developers, and realtors to design luxury homes and communities.

We also are trusted to handle the structural engineering design and review for large-scale commercial projects. We have worked with various architects to upgrade commercial buildings such as shopping centers, car dealerships, and restaurants.

Our specialty is creating detailed construction plans and blueprint layouts so contractors can perform their project quickly and efficiently. Call us today for a consultation with our structural engineering team at 973-864-7300.