Commercial, Residential and Industrial Structural Design in Northern New Jersey

American Structural Engineering Associates has 30 years of experience designing construction plans and blueprint layouts for commercial, residential and industrial projects. We take the time to make sure that your project is not only up to code but also exceeds safety standards. We try to catch design errors and structural flaw before construction starts, saving you tons of money in the future.

Design Review Facts

Design review - technical name is “PEER REVIEW”.
Peer Review is a process of final check, making sure that the calculation represents correct interpretation of a formula or tabulation. For instance, a tabulated capacity of a column is 40 kips, inexperienced designer may just take it as the column design capacity without knowing that there is a condition that this column must be braced at certain point. This stress of 40 kips is for a fully braced column. If this column has no brace this column will collapse.
A beam’s tabulated bending stress is 24 ksi . The beam must be fully braced in order to reach this stress. A portal type frame subject to lateral wind load. If there is no moment connection at the two top corners, this frame will collapse.
Peer Review before construction is a small investment to catch drastic errors. One small catch will be worthy the review fee for the entire project.
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We are known throughout the area for designing and providing a blueprint for projects such as apartment buildings, luxury residences, and sports domes and stadiums. Here are some of the commercial projects we have designed:
Luxury Residential Houses — Engineering in Fairfield, NJ
Residential Mansion — Engineering in Fairfield, NJ

Salerno Duane Infiniti Dealership - Rt. 10 East, Denville, NJ

-Entire facility upgrade, Structural Design, 10,000 Square feet elevated parking deck.
Salerno Duane Infiniti Dealership — Commercial in Fairfield, NJ

Barnes and Noble - Clifton, NJ

-Roof Structural Investigation and Calculations for 12 new A/C units
Barnes and Noble — Commercial in Fairfield, NJ

Alliance Mechanical

-Roof structural certification for rooftop, new A/C installation.

Dollar Tree - East Orange N.J.

-Entire store renovation, structural design and details.

Bernardsville Grill - Bernardsville, NJ

-Site Plan preparation, Building design.
Bernardsville Grill — Commercial in Fairfield, NJ

Industrial Structural Design

We also have heavy industrial structure experience in steel and concrete. We can design and build coal handling structures as well. Some of the industrial projects we handle are:
  • Material handling
  • Power plants
  • Mining facilities
  • Solid waste treatment
  • Gravel
  • Steel mills
  • Limestone and cement
  • Pollution control
  • Chemical plants
Mr. David J. Shih, P.E. is trusted by contractors and realtors in various industries throughout New Jersey to perform structural design review and analysis. He also can perform site inspections to assure the safety of your project and facility. Call American Structural Engineering Associates today for your next construction project at 973-864-7300.
Heavy Industrial Structures — Industrial in Fairfield, NJ
Material Handling Structures — Industrial in Fairfield, NJ
Dust Collection and Power Plants — Industrial in Fairfield, NJ