Structural Inspections

ASE Associates, LLC has more than 41 years of Engineering and design experience. Only experienced engineers can find problems structures and be able to find methods to remediate the problems.

When you have the following problems in your house, you should call for "Structural Inspections"
  • Horizontal cracks in your basement walls
  • Vertical cracks in your basement walls
  • Your floor has noticeable settlement
  • Your exterior walls are leaning
  • Your roof is sagging
Do you know that the houses over ten years old most likely would develop the above problems? Why?
Engineer Looking at House Architecture — Inspections in Fairfield, NJ

Here Are The Answers:

  • Architects designed the house with little or no help from structural engineer
  • Most towns allowed owner to make their own design without architect or engineer
  • Most architects will not design houses for wind and floor live loads

What We Found in the Houses During Our Past 30 Years of Inspections:

  • Beams and columns were under sized to carry design loads.
  • Beams were not able to carry floor live loads.
  • Columns were not designed for buckling.
  • Beams and columns were not installed properly to conform to code and manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Most TJI joist installations did not have "Squash Blocks" at load points.
  • TJI web made of plywood crippled under heavy loads. (This is one of the main reasons why floor settled).
  • Bearing walls have no support under the floor. It is supported on plywood between joists.
  • Most multi-story constructions do not have moment connections between beams and column for wind and earthquake loads (the designs were for vertical loads only).
Architect and Engineer Examining Constructed House — Inspections in Fairfield, NJ

Our Inspection Procedure

  • We will find the cause of your problems
  • We will find remedial solutions for your problems
  • We will make design for you for construction permit and signed / sealed with "Registered Professional Engineer's Seal"